2013 Fall Branding

We had a good group this branding, quite a few enthusiastic people. I noticed everyone was trying different jobs and the work was done quickly as it was quite chilly. After words we all had a great lunch which was provided by Labatt Food Service. During lunch we had a few people talk about the beef program, vaccinations and other related subjects. Overall it was a good day.

14R Cattle Work at Navajo Springs and Parker Draw

Range units Navajo Springs and Parker Draw where up next on the Padres Mesa cowboys list of units to assist and there was good participation again; lots of youth participation and everyone did a great job.
Animal evaluations followed the usual scenario: check teeth, check hooves, check eyes, check body for injuries and diseases, check for pregnancy, and give vaccinations.
Navajo Springs and Parker Draw are some of the range units on New Lands participating in the 14R Beef program.

14R Cattle Work at Little Chambers

Padres Mesa cowboys went out to the Little Chambers range unit to assist them with working their cattle. Everyone got involved and the atmosphere was positive. The condition of your breeding cow'’s teeth gives you an indication of their age and ability to forage. Small teeth indicate a younger animal while missing teeth might mean it’s older. For sure you should be keeping records of your animals’ age, but it is important to check their teeth because the fewer teeth a cow has the more difficult a time she will have while pregnant. In the sandy environment here around New Lands cattle don't experience as much wear and tear on their hooves as in other more rocky areas. As such, some cattle’'s hooves grow too long and need to be trimmed. It’s hard work, but if you don’t keep your animals hooves trimmed you could end up with crippled cattle. Cattle were also checked to see if they were pregnant, their eyes where checked and they were given ViraShield VL+6 and Ivermec vaccination shots. Little Chambers is one of the range units on New Lands participating in the 14R Beef program.


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