PMR - Management and Infrastructure

Our mission here on the Padres Mesa is to involve our community so we can inspire youth to get into all different phases of the beef cattle industry and natural resources.

The life blood of the ranch is what we call the twin tanks, and from the tanks about 28 miles of pipeline feeds troughs, distributing water to wildlife and livestock. Now this particular water source comes from the bottom of the mesa and it pumps up here.  Gravity takes the water down to about 12 of these troughs distributed on the ranch.

The Padres Mesa has two sets of metal pens, the A-block pens, and the B-block pens which are about seven miles apart.  This setup allows the ranch to run two separate herds.  We take advantage of this and calve in the spring with one herd, and in the fall with the other.

There are many archeological sites on the ranch, and this is mainly why the land was set aside for grazing.  We are very careful not to disturb any archeological sites as they are protected by law.

In the Pinta range unit we are putting in another water source. This is going to be our second wind mill and will be drilled down five hundred feet.

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