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The cowboys joined in on a horseback ride to Window Rock with the Nahata Dziil Navajo Chapter to meet with Navajo Nation leaders to gain support for funds to build a much needed shopping center in Sanders.  The nearest place to shop for things like meat, bread, flour and most other staples is Gallup, a 90 mile round trip, which puts an unnecessary burden on all nearby residents, especially with the increased cost of fuel these days.

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The Shepherd Ranch Crew will be putting on a Horse clinic on April 7th at the Sanders Arizona Rodeo Grounds. The cowboys will be offering freeze branding, hoof trimming, colt starting, and will work with your problem horse.  Service start at $40.00; the cowboys set their own prices, and may adjust their cost depending on your animal's situation.  There is no admission, so come watch and learn! Check out the Google Map if you need directions; I added a label for the location but its inclusion on the map is pending, but you can see the arena on the map.