Why Vaccinating is Important

Many New Lands ranchers graze their animals in common with their neighbors, so implementing a good herd health plan is important so they don't put their neighbor's animals at risk as well as their own.  There are a number of diseases which cause abortion; these diseases if present will directly affect a producers herd.  These diseases can be passed on from a single infected cow or bull and eventually spread to the entire herd.

In most situations, a cows natural resistance will provide adequate protection from disease, however animals become more susceptible when they are stressed, injured, or introduced to new animals which carry viruses, bacterial pathogens, or parasites.

Factors which can reduce an animal's disease resistances include:

  • Forcing cattle to travel long distances between food and water
  • Stress caused by aggressive handing
  • Transporting cattle
  • Pregnancy and difficult births
  • Branding, castrating, and weaning
  • External parasites such as lice, ticks, and flies and internal parasites such as worms can increase stress, spread disease, and cause disease.  Options for controlling internal and external parasites include:pour-ons, injections, and oral medications.

Modern beef cattle have been selectively bred for their meat quality and quantity. Because of this, some of their natural resistances have been reduced.  Breeds such as Longhorn and Brahman have higher natural resistance to disease and parasites but do not develop the high quality and quantity of meat that English breeds do.  Therefore it is necessary to provide a modern vaccination plan and parasite control in order to maximize calf-crop numbers and profit generated by a herd.

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November 25th, 2011

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