Padres Mesa Demonstration Ranch Vaccination Program

This is a simple outline of the plan Padres Mesa follows and should give you an idea on how to develop a plan with your veterinarian or other qualified person which will work for you.  This plan assumes a healthy herd and is for the ranch's cow-calf operation, where they sell their calf crop after weaning. Internal and external parasite control medications are also be used as needed.

Padres Mesa vaccinates cows and bulls before their calving season, this helps boost the herds resistance during pregnancy and the mother will pass on increased resistance to her calf.  The vaccine(s) provide viral protections for IBR, BVD, PI3, and BRSV as well as bacterial protections for Vibriosis and Lepto.

Calves will naturally be more susceptible to infection after branding and castration, so Padres Mesa vaccinates for Clostridium to reduce the possiblity of bacterial infections caused by wounds, to reduce the chance of calves becoming infected and dieing.

Weaning calves is extremely stressful, therefore Padres Mesa vaccinates calves before weaning for IBR, BVD, PI3, and BRSV, and Lepto to reenforce the resistances the calf gained while inside its mother, and while milking which the calve will soon be removed from.

Calves are vaccinated once more after they have been weaned.  Padres Mesa also allows enough time for the vaccination given before weaning to build up resistance before giving the next shot. The calves are also given time to buildup resistances after the final shot, before they are sold.

Make sure to follow all directions that come with your vaccinations.  The instructions that come with the medications will give more specific information about the times required for resistances to buildup in your animals.  Padres Mesa gives all shots in the neck on the right side if possible to increase the overall usable animal hide and meat.  The upper back and rear of the animal contains some of the best meat cuts.  Giving shots in the hindquarter could reduce the overall quantity of usable meat in this portion.  Padres Mesa uses vaccines that can be given above the muscle or subcutaneously when possible.

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August 9th, 2016


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