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This Drupal book is derived from the script for the video Padres Mesa Demonstration Ranch: Cattle Diseases.  Each page may include a link to documents that where researched for the project.   The goal of this project is to explain in layman’s terms cattle diseases and vaccinations, and the method to generate this information was as follows:  use the search engine to find relevant info, read and attempt to verify credible info by cross checking if possible, reduce and rephrase complicated technical wording without losing important information.

I (Jonathan) wrote this script; I am not a cattle expert.  Accuracy of information was important in the process, but I cannot provide any guaranties of said accuracy.  If you use this information, you are required to do your own research; review the linked documents, talk to experts, use search engines to find more information, etc.  If you find inaccurate information, use the contact form and send the inaccurate page URL, the suspect information, and supporting information (links, etc. If you need to send a file say so and I will reply and you will then have my email address.)

The original script was written with New Lands beef producers in mind; the information in this book was modified to be more generalized.

Video - Cattle Diseases and Vaccines

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February 13th, 2013

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