The BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) and calf evaluation seminar is currently scheduled for March 30th and will be held at Padres Mesa Demo Ranch.

February 4th and 5th | Gather cattle.
February 6th | preg-checking and animal evaluations; a good time to learn about animal conformation, age, culls.
March (Dates TBD; end of March) | Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) class with live cattle
June (Dates TBD) | Branding
July | Shipping

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Padres Mesa Demonstration Ranch crew produce a biannual range report for the New Lands range units as well has the Padres. The crew gather forage in each pasture at locations that are a distance from livestock's water sources. A metal ring is then tossed by hand a set number of times; the forage within the ring is cut using scissors and placed in a bag for later weighing.

These range reports are a tool to help ranchers determine their lands carrying capacity. Please see the attached document.

Sept 1 14 R check in
Sept 14 14R sale and shipping date
Sept 15 Bluewater sale
Oct 20 Bluewater sale
Dec 1 Last sale for 2018 Navajo Hub

Info from Bill Inman

March 27 Bull testing at livestock hub Navajo AZ
April 15   Start collecting forage collections for New Lands
April 20-21 Nahata Dzill first 30 year celebration  rodeo, country dance and much much more
May 1 Turn Bulls out on New lands
May 15 Wean Padres Fall calves
First week of June Forage report for Newlands
Last week June Spring Branding Padres
July 1 turn Bulls out spring herd Padres