Event Date: 
June 29th, 2019

Where: Padres Mesa Ranch, Chambers AZ 86502 Demonstrations, castrations, branding, vaccinations, ear tagging, horsemanship, networking opportunities with ranch personnel, livestock leaders, Beef program. Lunch provided by Labatt Food Service.

Event Date: 
March 30th, 2019
The BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) and calf evaluation seminar is currently scheduled for March 30th and will be held at Padres Mesa Demo Ranch.

February 4th and 5th | Gather cattle.
February 6th | preg-checking and animal evaluations; a good time to learn about animal conformation, age, culls.
March (Dates TBD; end of March) | Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) class with live cattle
June (Dates TBD) | Branding
July | Shipping

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Padres Mesa Demonstration Ranch crew produce a biannual range report for the New Lands range units as well has the Padres. The crew gather forage in each pasture at locations that are a distance from livestock's water sources. A metal ring is then tossed by hand a set number of times; the forage within the ring is cut using scissors and placed in a bag for later weighing.

These range reports are a tool to help ranchers determine their lands carrying capacity. Please see the attached document.

Sept 1 14 R check in
Sept 14 14R sale and shipping date
Sept 15 Bluewater sale
Oct 20 Bluewater sale
Dec 1 Last sale for 2018 Navajo Hub

Info from Bill Inman

March 27 Bull testing at livestock hub Navajo AZ
April 15   Start collecting forage collections for New Lands
April 20-21 Nahata Dzill first 30 year celebration  rodeo, country dance and much much more
May 1 Turn Bulls out on New lands
May 15 Wean Padres Fall calves
First week of June Forage report for Newlands
Last week June Spring Branding Padres
July 1 turn Bulls out spring herd Padres