14R - Committed to Quality Beef

14R rancher Farrel Yazzie talks about his commitment to raising the highest quality beef cattle. Farrel and his father Jackson where interviewed by Labbat Food Service on Monday in preparation for the opening of the Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort which will be opening in the summer of this year (2013). The 14R ranchers beef will be featured at the opening of the Casino and Labbat Food Service is producing a video showcasing the 14R Navajo ranchers.

"Pasture Walk"

A Review and Discussion of Local Vegetation

This video is presented in the Navajo language, although the host translates some words into English (there is an English version i may upload later).  If your interested in hearing the Navajo language spoken you should watch this.

A healthy cycle of disturbance, and rest will keep grasses healthy. Grasses are meant to be disturbed after all, primarily by grazing but also by fire. Good ground cover helps reduce ground temperature and enhances soil moisture.  The soil also tends to be richer in nutrients.

Cattle Diseases and Vaccines

This video was created to provide educational information about cattle diseases and vaccines used to prevent diseases.

The investment in disease prevention is less than the money lost to disease treatment or animal death.

Vaccination is a way of preventing diseases caused by viruses. Vaccines simulate a natural infection and its associated immune response, but should not cause the disease.

The most common fatal bacterial diseases are respiratory infections.

Vaccines can provide resistances to bacteria.

PMR Video Brochure

The Padres Mesa Demonstration Ranch serves as a hands-on training and skills development facility for ranchers of the New Lands and surrounding communities. New and tried and true methods are demonstrated in order to enrich the Navajo ranchers cattle production with the goal of giving them the tools and knowledge to be competitive in the beef industry.